Valentine Witch


Isabelle, a college student who grew up in the Amazon jungle, is half-Fae. Her unique appearance draws constant scrutiny and her emotions are wildly powerful. Valentine’s Day is a stressful time for her because it usually ends in disaster. Izzy keeps souvenirs of her romantic misadventures in a heart-shaped box, all symbols of hope and heartbreak. But perhaps this year will be different because she’s working on an unusual class project with her secret love …

Luke, who grew from an annoying boy into a handsome, athletic man. As Valentine’s Day approaches, Luke delivers devastating news to Isabelle, confirming her worst fears about the upcoming holiday. Desperate, Izzy turns to …

Millicent, a dangerous love-witch living on a mysterious island with a historic past. Millicent offers Izzy a devil’s bargain in exchange for happiness. But when the deal goes awry, Isabelle experiences a Valentine’s Day unlike any other.

Valentine Witch

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