Wolfheart Starter Library

Ash, a high school senior from a broken home, performs an act of kindness that forces her into hiding. Now she’s living in the woods, eking out a living using her true talent, raising dogs to guard livestock. She soon discovers that she’s not alone in the forest. A dark, malignant beast is preying on her beloved animals. As Ash edges toward despair, a mysterious stranger appears…

Magnus, a werewolf from the nearby town of Corby, has been sent to hunt the beast. Magnus has a secret connection to the creature, and is on a mission to kill it any cost. Nothing has ever distracted Magnus from his work. Nothing, that is, until he meets Ash.

Their forbidden attraction captures of the attention of Corby’s dangerous Gray Wolves, a council of elders determined to keep humans and werewolves apart. If necessary, they won’t hesitant to eliminate Ash, if the beast doesn’t get her first.

To survive, Ash must balance the needs of her heart with the needs of survival. If she fails, she’ll meet a gruesome end in a forest without pity.

This is a werewolf story that depicts both human and animal deaths. It is not appropriate for children.

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